Way Way Radio 3/17 & 3/31

can we just talk about kyary’s shirt for a second

yes we can.

it’s by UNIF. cue barf. the end. 

forcingit asked:
Do you do autographs and photos and such after shows? I'm coming tonight and want to correctly place my hopes on the spectrum of artist hang-out-iness.


These days I come out and sign stuff for sure, and I enjoy it more than I can say. It is great to say hello, I get a real boost from being able to really connect. I dislike having my picture taken; I end up consenting to pictures all the time, but I feel like I’m not being too too ornery of a person if I let people know how I actually feel, which is that I don’t like being photographed. I also get that people want pictures and that it’s sometimes important to them, so I want to be accommodating about it, because it’s in my nature to want to make people happy. So I figure a decent balance is to say, I’m up for it, theoretically, if it’s really important to you, but if my comfort’s of interest, the truth is I’ve hated being photographed all my life and wish there were some way of getting people to share my feeling that JD is best when there’s no pictures. 



questions of sex and gender explored on tumblr dot com

This entire post is golden



Did he just make a feminist period joke?

oh my god someone buy that man a beer

You put yourself right between the killing thing’s teeth, but you don’t give it the power to—

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